CPA Magazine: Big growth in container homes

November 2017 – In a special Real Estate edition of the CPA Magazine, Home Free showcases Canadians who have opted for creative alternatives to the typical home and are now reaping a simpler life in the process.

Lisa van de Geyn highlights various alternative homes across the country from tiny homes, yurts and our Octopod shipping container cabin. How interesting that the article focuses on the challenges of building alternative homes. We’re not even talking about the build itself but how municipalities are slow to incorporate these new housing trends in their by-laws and how building codes make permitting extremely difficult to manoeuvre.

A very informative read on the challenges associated with untraditional builds.

CPA Magazine provides business insights to Canada’s Chartered Professional Accountants.

OSEA’s 7th Annual Powering Prosperity Awards

Green Energy Doors Open 2016February 2, 2017 (Toronto, ON) – Sea Container Cabin attended OSEA’s 7th Annual Powering Prosperity Awards held this evening in Toronto, ON. We are incredibly honoured to have been nominated for the Sustainable Project of the Year Award and we are thankful to be the recipient of the Special Recognition Award for most outstanding Green Energy Doors Open 2016 Host.

Thank you to everyone who attended our GEDO’16 event. We are encouraged by everyone’s interest in our project’s extreme electricity conservation while still having available to us many of our modern day luxuries and look forward to helping others design a reduced their carbon footprint in their new builds. Hope to see everyone at GEDO’17!

For more information on the other award winners, please read the full OSEA’s 7th Annual Powering Prosperity Awards press release.

MoneySense: To Hell with this Housing Market


Romana King, MoneySense Senior Editor talks about how you may wish to consider the path less traveled when it comes down to buying a home in today’s Canadian housing market.

Being creative is a great way to break into today’s housing market without having a Crushing Mortgage or Participating in a Bidding War. You can always Consider Alternative Building Materials – just like us! Here’s what King has to say about the ‘Octopod’.

When you think ‘out of the box’, more affordable options may present themselves.

These are the 5 Solutions King suggests:

  1. Skip the land value costs
  2. Buy a cottage instead
  3. Get dirty and go off-grid (we’re off-grid too!)
  4. Consider Alternative Building Materials
  5. Or just go nomad

If you don’t want to fight the masses to purchase a home, it’s a great idea to think ‘out of the box’ and see where it takes you. Maybe it’ll take you to an Off-Grid Shipping Container Cabin…

CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning host Wei Chen talks about the Octopod

Ever wanted to build something carpenter ants won’t eat? How about an off-grid container house?!? Wei Chen, CBC Radio’s host of Ontario Morning interviews Jason Rioux live on air (7mins – starts at 34:12).

CBC Radio Ontario Morning Wei Chen Jason Rioux Octopod Shipping Container Cabin


Green Energy Doors Open Podcast

Steven Hobé, the host of Green Energy Doors Open Podcasts is joined in-studio by Jason Rioux where they discuss Sea Container Cabin and how it became what it is today.

Listen to it here

Green Energy Doors Open 2016 Sea Container Cabin Podcast

Octopod featured in Toronto Star cover story

Photo: Tracy Hanes, Toronto Star

Jason Rioux watches his daughter Renee play in her jumper. Photo: Tracy Hanes, Toronto Star

Earlier this summer, Tracy Hanes of the Toronto Star spent some time at the Octopod to better understand what Jason had in mind when he designed his new cabin. Having lived for many years in the old wooden cabin that had much to be desired, Jason had a good sense of the aspects he wanted to improve. Some constant battles included keeping out mother nature – and burglars! And winter brought running water to a standstill while summer meant it could get hot indoors. Tracy also takes a closer look at the energy-efficient features in the space and here’s what she found interesting…

The ‘Octopod’ is featured on the cover of Toronto Star’s New in Homes section for July 16, 2016.

We’re hosting Green Energy Doors Open ’16

Green Energy Doors Open 2016Green Energy Doors Open is a province-wide event that showcases individual, community, and commercially sustainable energy projects. It is held every September and we’re so excited to be participating in this year’s event!!

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association organizes the annual Green Energy Doors Open event and aims to showcase advancements in the sector, demonstrating that Ontario is already on the path to building a 100% clean, sustainable energy system. And the best part is the event is free of charge to attend.

Shining the Spotlight on Sustainable Energy in Ontario

Sea Container Cabin is looking forward to hosting a Green Energy Doors Open ’16 event. Come out to learn more about building sustainable homes using re-purposed shipping containers.

Features include:

  • 1 KW solar power system for the entire cabin
  • Solar powered water pump and elevated water tower system
  • DC wiring for LED lighting and ultra efficient DC refrigeration, direct from battery banks
  • High efficiency DC air circulation fans
  • Cool roof system
We will be providing tours and highlighting all the various Green Energy systems that have been installed in our OCTOPOD demonstration unit.


When: September 10 and 11, 2016 between 9am-2pm
Green Energy Doors Open blogged this event.
Green Energy Doors Open podcast for this event.

We look forward to seeing you!


We made the 2015 favourites list!

green energy futures logoWe are thrilled and very honoured that the Octopod has become one of Green Energy Futures favourite stories of 2015…

Who would’ve thought that the video clip of the Octopod would have collected 94,000 views in 2015 (as of August 2016, 200,000). And if we’re able to inspire even one person to live a sustainable life, we would consider this remarkable endeavour a successful one.

David Dodge, the producer and host of Green Energy Futures when he discovered that we’re participating in Green Energy Doors Open ’16 said:

Great that you guys are sharing your experience. It’s a wonderful story.

Thank you for coming all the way from Calgary to capture our project on video and sharing it with the online world.

Queens School of Business Start-Up Snapshot

Featured in the Queens Smith School of Business Magazine, Jason Rioux, AMBA 2005, is interviewed regarding his start-up experience.

Green Energy Futures visits the Octopod

David Dodge, producer of Green Energy tours our Off-Grid Shipping Container Cabin. This video captures what makes our Octopod unique from an extreme energy efficiency perspective.

To view the full article, please visit Green Energy