Octopod featured in Toronto Star cover story

Photo: Tracy Hanes, Toronto Star

Jason Rioux watches his daughter Renee play in her jumper. Photo: Tracy Hanes, Toronto Star

Earlier this summer, Tracy Hanes of the Toronto Star spent some time at the Octopod to better understand what Jason had in mind when he designed his new cabin. Having lived for many years in the old wooden cabin that had much to be desired, Jason had a good sense of the aspects he wanted to improve. Some constant battles included keeping out mother nature – and burglars! And winter brought running water to a standstill while summer meant it could get hot indoors. Tracy also takes a closer look at the energy-efficient features in the space and here’s what she found interesting…

The ‘Octopod’ is featured on the cover of Toronto Star’s New in Homes section for July 16, 2016.



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