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sea container cabin concept 1

Project OCTOPOD Shipping Container Cabin

Workbench is pleased to present Project OCTOPOD, our shipping container cabin. The OCTOPOD is a unique Hub and Spoke design structure, with a large centre octagon great room, with all radiating containers serving a different purpose.  The name was inspired by our 4 year old daughter, who is equally excited about the project as we are. The OCTOPOD is based on the following … [Read More...]

Research & Development

Shipping Container Insulating Coatings

Do insulating coatings for Shipping Container Homes work?

Can you imagine spraying an insulating paint in place of interior framing and traditional insulation methods? Talk about compelling. This chapter of the project … [Read More...]

Sea Container Cabin Kit

DIY sea container cabin KIT

DIY Shipping Container Cabin Kits

Workbench Corp. is inspiring a growing number of shipping container cabin enthusiasts and shipping container project followers in general across Canada and around the world. Workbench offers the following products and services to help others develop their own … [Read More...]