MoneySense: To Hell with this Housing Market


Romana King, MoneySense Senior Editor talks about how you may wish to consider the path less traveled when it comes down to buying a home in today’s Canadian housing market.

Being creative is a great way to break into today’s housing market without having a Crushing Mortgage or Participating in a Bidding War. You can always Consider Alternative Building Materials – just like us:! Here’s what King has to say about the ‘Octopod’.

When you think ‘out of the box’, more affordable options may present themselves.

These are the 5 Solutions King suggests:

  1. Skip the land value costs
  2. Buy a cottage instead
  3. Get dirty and go off-grid
  4. Consider Alternative Building Materials
  5. Or just go nomad

If you don’t want to fight the masses to purchase a home, I think it’s a great idea to think ‘out of the box’ and see where it takes you.



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