Spotted in Shizuoka Japan

Once you are in the business of building with shipping containers, you can’t help but notice these types of projects when traveling the world. We were recently in Shizuoka Japan, and drove by a retail storefront that caught our eye. A series of containers were painted black, placed along both sides of this building and have been integrated in a way to provide furniture and goods storage. I was particularly impressed with the beefy foundations and fastening detail they employed. What a neat find. If you come across anything neat, please let us know so we can share with our community of shipping container architecture enthusiasts.


Japan shipping container

Japan shipping container

Toronto’s Sea Container Hat Trick

Three commercial shipping container establishments have hit the streets of Toronto. Two are here to stay. One is on it’s way out to do some globetrotting.QQseacontainervendors

  1. At Toronto’s waterfront there are some fancy food vendors located on Queens Quay. I particularly liked the attention to detail they added to each vendor unit with barn boards and other neat treatments. Dundasvendorcontainers
  2. A budget friendly and small entrepreneur kick-starter strip of shipping container businesses, ranging from niche foods, drinks, and even a bicycle service shop.JMSonsshippingcontainer
  3. Handy furniture makers displaying their products for sale.

Antarctic Shipping Container Research Station



This shipping container project caught my eye given the sheer style and size of the complex.  Then you realize it is in the middle of nowhere.  Excellent project, this is certainly a noteworthy show piece.